A Mom's Perspective

"Yes, Yes, and Yes!!! If you are asking yourself whether or not to buy, there is your answer. This is the solution to so many problems, some I didn’t even know my family and I had. I was simply searching the internet for a convenient way to buy meat for my family. I am a busy mom of 3 and am constantly running 10 different directions with carpools, soccer, dance, karate, and the grocery store just to name a few. Something had to give…or I was going to break!

This company has changed my life and how I look at food. Not only have I cut out the constant grocery runs, I have eliminated all the unnecessary hormones and antibiotics from our diet. I am embarrassed to say I never thought about where my meat came from or how it probably sat in a feedlot with tens of thousands of other animals before going through a factory slaughter house, I just grabbed the first thing I saw at the grocery store. Now I know too much and can never go back. I keep my freezer stocked full of Farmers to Families meat and every time I place an order I know that I am getting one animal that has lived a healthy life full of good nutrition. I am proud to feed my family and friends a product that looks better, tastes better, and makes us feel better." 

-BusyMomOf3 Product Review 

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