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Returning to Tradition: Paper Wrapped Meat

Traditionally meat was wrapped up by a butcher in paper. Today meat is often vacuum sealed in plastic instead. At Farmers to Families we are returning to tradition, not only in the way we raise and feed our cattle but also in the way we package the meat we sell. We are focused on making sure our meat is healthy and delicious from start to finish, from the cow to the packaging. Contrary to popular belief meat wrapped in paper lasts longer and tastes better than meat that has been vacuum sealed. 

Meat that is vacuum sealed is susceptible to ruptures which can let in too much air. Air affects not only the color of the meat but also the taste and texture. The National Post did a taste test to determine if packaging affects the flavor of the meat. They found that the steaks wrapped in paper tasted much better than the steaks that were vacuum sealed, even when no rupture had occurred. They were surprised to find that even the texture was affected in the vacuum sealed steaks. Their recommendation was to always have your meat wrapped in paper. 

Not only does paper wrapped meat taste better and last longer, but it is also gentler on the environment. Since the 1950's 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced. Most of this plastic ends up in our oceans and rivers. In fact, 73% of beach pollution is plastic. Paper wrapping biodegrades and won't add to this pollution. Grass-fed cows have a smaller carbon footprint than grain-fed cows and we want to continue this gentler approach to the environment through our packaging as well. 

If you are interested in having meat that has been traditionally raised and packaged shipped straight to your door from the Shenandoah Valley then contact us today!

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