From the Shenandoah Valley to your doorstep

The Cut

We follow a very meticulous process for each animal that we’ve found results in the best meat for every customer...and of course we process only one animal at a time. Eat one animal...


The beef is all paper wrapped in individual servings.  Steaks are bone-in and are cut 1” thick.  Roasts tend to be 2.5-4 lbs each. Ground beef is packaged in one pound increments for easy thawing and portion planning.  There is one brisket per steer and we cut it into four large roasts so that larger shares can enjoy it.  Stew meat comes in 1 pound increments and short ribs tend to be between 1 and 1.5 lbs.  


The pork is vacuum sealed in individual portions.  Pork chops and loin chops are all cut 3/4" thick and individually packaged for easy and fast meal planning.  We cut the boston butt roasts into four individual roasts.  Bacon is packaged in approximately 1 lb increments.  Our sausage is also approximately 1 lb increments and shipped 25% in each flavor for every size pork share (Sweet Italian, Maple, Fresh Hot, and Sage).   

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