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What is the best steak thickness?

When it comes to steaks, the thickness is a factor that can be easily overlooked. Carnivores are usually savvy about what cuts they like best and may even know that a marbled cut produces a juicer, more flavorful bite; but when it comes to the thickness of the steak, what's best for the home chef?

A lot of chefs and butchers have varying opinions on the thickness of their ideal slab of beef but it really boils down to the cooking method and cut. With grilling, searing, broiling, pan frying, sous vide, roasting, and sometimes a combination of cooking methods in conjunction with all the different cuts of steak this can get incredibly complicated for the average home chef.

If sliced too thin, your steak can quickly turn out an overcooked, chewy waste, if cut too thick, it can be very difficult to attain a medium rare inside while not burning the outside.

Bones can also play a large part in how to cook your steak versus its thickness as well. A bone-in steak will take not only longer to heat, but longer to cool than a steak without a bone.

There are quite a few factors to consider when selecting a steak and all of them together can seem very daunting. The good news is, you don't have to be a steakhouse grill master when selecting your steaks.

The easiest way to remember ideal thickness is the rule of the bone: bone-in steaks should be an inch thick while bone-out steaks should be an inch to an inch and a half in thickness. Why? This is the easiest steak thickness for home chefs without professional equipment to ensure a juicy and tender bite.

A one-inch bone-in steak will be easy to handle in all home cooking mediums, taking only a few minutes to sear the outside and warm the inside. Cooking the steak with the bone also packs an extra flavor punch that never fails to satisfy.

This is how Farmers to Families delivers our Black Angus single animal steaks: bone-in and one-inch thick, so families are able to cook their steaks to perfection every time.

Eat one animal! 

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