The Process


Once you place your order, our small team of family farmers hand selects an individual steer or pig from the pasture at its optimal weight.  We personally deliver the animal to our local butcher who humanely and meticulously harvests ONE animal at a time...So you can be assured your meat is handled with the utmost care and attention when it is being processed and packaged.  Once the butcher has precisely cut all of the meat, he individually vacuum seals each piece and labels them accordingly.  The meat is then flash frozen to lock in all the flavors and juices. Now your share of livestock is ready to ship directly to you.  You will receive one animal that will feed your family for months straight from the family farm.  

Our process is simple and honest, the way buying meat used to be.  Please join us on this journey of going back to our roots and eating meat straight from the Farm to your Family.