Whole Pork ($6.25/Lb)
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Whole Pork ($6.25/Lb)
Whole Pork ($6.25/Lb)

Whole Pork ($6.25/Lb)

The Whole Pork share totals 100 pounds of the highest quality meat, all from the same hog.  This is the BEST and you'll be surprised how fast you eat it!  

  • 100 Lbs of Single Swine Pork, Naturally Raised
  • Includes: 16-24 Lbs of Bone-In Chops • 11-16 Lbs of Boston Butts • 8-12 Lbs of Raw Unsalted Bacon • 40-52 Lbs of Sausage (25% Maple, 25% Sweet Italian, 25% Sage, 25% Fresh Hot) • 3-6 Lbs of Spare Ribs when available
  • No hormones or unnecessary antibiotics (Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in Pork)
  • Free Shipping
After our expert butchers complete processing, the product is flash frozen to lock in peak freshness.  
Freezer Space Required:  4 cubic foot 
100% American Pork & USDA Inspected.

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