Whole Beef ($7.50/Lb)
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Whole Beef ($7.50/Lb)
Whole Beef ($7.50/Lb)

Whole Beef ($7.50/Lb)

The ultimate investment for the large family or to share with neighbors.  Whole beef totals 400 pounds of the highest quality meat, all from the same steer.  Perfect to feed your growing family for a year.  

  • 400 Lbs: Dry Aged Black Angus • Pasture raised 
  • Includes: 50-60 Lbs Premium Steaks (Ribeye, Porterhouse, or T-bone) • 48-64 Lbs of Steaks (Sirloin, Flank, or Round) • 80-112 Lbs of Roasts (Loin Tip, Brisket, Rump, Arm, or Chuck) • 144-192 Lbs Ground Beef • 19-25 Lbs Stew Meat or Short Ribs
  • No unnecessary Antibiotics or Hormones
  • Free Shipping
After our expert butchers complete processing, the product is flash frozen to lock in peak freshness.  
Freezer Space Required:  15 cubic feet
100% American Beef & USDA Inspected.

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